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Professional Dishwasher Services In Tulsa OK

dishwasher repair and service Tulsa Oklahoma


We at Tulsa Appliance Repair know the problems you have to face if your dishwasher stops working or does not function as it should. Here are a list of common problems that dishwasher owners face:

The dishwasher does not start

In case you hear a humming sound when trying to turn on the dishwasher, chances are that its motor might be sticking. If the equipment does not start and you do not hear a humming sound then the problems could be either a damaged switch, wiring gone bad, or a clogged pump. You need the help of our dishwasher repair professionals to fix this issue.

The dishes do not get clean

This problem can be attributed to malfunctioning of the components of the dishwasher such as the spray arm or float switch. This problem also occurs when you fail to scrape debris from the dishes or overloading the device beyond its capacity. The factory trained technicians of our Tulsa Oklahoma dishwasher service have the know how to diagnose and fix these problems, ensuring that your dishwasher runs as if new. Contact our dishwasher repair Tulsa Oklahoma company and we will send our proficient technicians to your home or business to fix this issue quickly.

The equipment keeps filling up

This happens when your device goes into overload mode. The float switch is most likely the culprit. If not attended to in time, you could end up with excess usage of water and a mess of soapy water in your bathroom. A stuck water inlet valve or a stuck timer can also cause this problem.

There are many other symptoms that your dishwasher is malfunctioning. Some of the prime indications are:

• The equipment does not fill

• Water leaks from the equipment

• Water does not drain, and

• Door does not latch etc.

Instead of taking a risk by calling a non-professional and damaging your dishwasher in the process, contact us at Tulsa Appliance Repair. We are the leaders in dishwasher service Tulsa Oklahoma and only use original equipment spares plus offer a warranty on our repairs and services. Call us today at (918) 994-2022 or contact us today online at this link.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

It’s summertime in Tulsa Oklahoma and your freezer isn’t working?

freezer repair Tulsa OK
Young Male Repairman Fixing Freezer In Kitchen

Summer is upon us and if you are reading this page in Tulsa Oklahoma and if your freezer has shut down or is not working up to par then you may need professional help.
You might check and see if it plugged in and that it has power to it but beyond that don’t 
wait and loose all of that food and other items in it to thawing out.
Call toady for help. Tulsa Appliance Repair for freezer repair services in Tulsa 
Oklahoma. 918-994-2022 or you can visit our website at

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Why is my gas or electric clothes dryer is not heating up?

dryer repair Tulsa Oklahoma

Clothes dryer repair service. Young technician examining and repairing tumble dryer.
Woman looking at broken household appliance. Plumber with customer. Man fixing dryer.

If your clothes dryer is not heating up here are a few things to check.

Going to your laundry room or area and putting wet clothes in you dryer and starting it letting a complete cycle run and you come back and your clothes are still wet!

This is frustrating! Stay calm and don’t worry. We can get you through this. Here are a few things you can check first.

1. The dryer is not plugged in.

2. Dryer door wasn’t completely closed.

3. The lint trap and or screen is clogged.

4. The dryer vent is partially or completely blocked. BTW this one is very dangerous as it can cause a fire.

5. The heating element is blocked with debris shutting down the thermostat.

6. If you have a gas dryer make sure you have gas flow. Make sure the gas valve supplying the dryer is on.

7. Check to see if you have a tripped circuit breaker in your electrical panel.
Make sure your washing machine’s spin cycle is wringing enough water out of the clothes. Really wet clothes will take forever to dry in the dryer.

8. Other common issues that can cause dryer issues:

1. The thermal fuse

2. Defective heating element

3. Broken thermostat

4. Defective timer motor

5. An electrical or gas problem.

If you are not able to determine your problem after these steps call the professionals.Tulsa Appliance Repair at 918-994-2022 or on the web at

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