Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Get Your Oven Repaired By Professionals Appliance Repair Tulsa

Ovens are amongst the most important gadgets of your kitchen. Home coked dishes prepared with it are unarguably the best way to bring the family together. However, it can be quite frustrating if the unit breaks down. Attempting to repair it yourself is hazardous, and can lead to electrocution. It is the same if you hire the neighborhood electrician to do the job, as they are neither skilled nor have the spares required to fix your oven.

Never take a risk
Why take a risk when you can depend on Tulsa Appliance Repair, unarguably the best oven service Tulsa Oklahoma company, a locally owned and operated company. Contact us today and explain the problem to our oven repair technician. This helps them understand the fault and take the necessary spares with them.

Some of the common oven related problems include:
• Faulty thermostat: In such a situation, your oven will not be able to regulate the temperature properly.
• Heat escaping from the oven: The primary culprit is due to tear and wear on the seals around the oven's door.
• Gadget not responding: This might be due to a fault in the circuit or due to a faulty power supply cable.

We are by your side

Instead of depending on the first oven service company you find online, contact us immediately. We will send our factory trained personnel who will locate the fault using state of the art diagnostic tools and replace the faulty parts with original equipment manufacturer parts. Unlike others, we offer oven repair Tulsa services round the clock, including weekends and holidays. We have been offering quality oven repair service to citizens of Tulsa for many years and are familiar with all makes of ovens. We also offer a one year warranty on all spare parts provided by us. What sets us apart from the others is that we always exceed the expectations of our clients. Give us a call at 918-994-2022 today and find out for yourself.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Dryer Repair In Tulsa OK

When members of your household are dependent on the clothes dryer and the convenience it provides, it can be very frustrating when it malfunctions.  Additionally, when it is not functioning efficiently, it could become quite costly to keep them running.  This means there could be spikes in your utility bills if the dryer is not in operating optimally.  

Therefore, it is important to access dryer repair service as soon as you notice that the dryer is not working properly.  In fact, having regularly scheduled dryer service and maintenance by a professional and reputable company will lessen the likelihood of the clothes dryer malfunctioning.  

When an appliance maintenance appointment is scheduled with a professional company, you can rest assured that an expert appliance technician will provide your dryer with a detailed and complete inspection.  Your dryer maintenance typically includes a detailed 12-point inspection, some of which are highlighted below:  

• Inspection of the electrical system 
• Leveling
• Inspection and support checks of the rum seal 
• Inspections of the intake and exhaust ducts
• A comprehensive cleaning of both the inside of the dryer and the exhaust vents
• Inspection and cleaning of the temperature and moisture sensor 

Scheduling your dryer maintenance appointment yearly will ensure that your clothes dryer is in its best working order all throughout the year.  Best of all, it will deliver years of reliable service and will prevent inconveniences such as problematic breakdowns, high energy bills and issues with safety.

From major repairs to minor issues, a professional dryer repair company can make sure that you are provided with the services that are needed to whip this important laundry room staple back into shape.  For more information on maintenance services and dryer repair in Tulsa OK, you can log on to https://tulsaappliancerepair.net or call us at 918-994-2022.